The Training You Need To Emotionally, Spiritually, and Psychologically Re-program Your Relationship With Food
** without going to see a Therapist** 
The Body Buddies 12-Week Online Course Featuring Weekly Video Sessions & Workbook For Personal Analysis
SELF-PACED STUDY -- You Can Re-Program Yourself Anywhere In The World In The Privacy Of Your Own Home
-Jen's Experience-
"I need to say how grateful I am that this course was created and blessed I feel to have been apart of it. I know, based on the way I learn, that I will continue to have all of 'this' sink in over time...and as stresses arise that trigger my once 'faulty core beliefs' I know that it will also trigger things I've learned these past 3 months. Invaluable come to mind....Thank you."
-Maigan's Experience-
"The course really allowed me to dig deeper within myself to find my triggers.. and to have more compassion and patience for myself. It helped me to be more self aware of negative self talk...and the internal conversations." 
-Amelia's Experience-
 "I loved the Binge Bye Bye course because it is a group where we can all be open and share personal things with each other, it is a great place to gain friendships/and trust with others who may be dealing with binge eating tendencies or even with those who don't, but the best thing of all is that we can all relate with One another with the fact that we are all trying to better ourselves! I love working with Kristy, she has a way of helping you get to the core of why you do certain things, she gets deep into your mind and you discover the things that will benefit your health fitness and most importantly she will help you gain a strong mindset for the rest of your life." - Amelia M.
-Genny's Experience-
"I have been able to better understand how spirituality is an integral part of my health and well-being. I have made daily reflection and journaling a part of my life and have seen the amazing benefits to me and my family. I have re-examined my relationship with food. I still have a lot of self-discovery and growing to do, but I feel like I've made excellent progress in learning to manage my unhealthy eating tendencies." 
-Lauren's Experience-
"I've learned how much more in control I can be and I've learned to forgive myself more. I'm not perfect with either, but I'm definitely improving." 
-Julie's Experience-
"Simple eating. The choices I make in choosing food combinations... effects my mood, weight loss effectiveness , and the overall longevity of continuing to eat this way in any situation in my life. I have always been a stress and emotional eater. This new lifestyle of eating definitely makes me more aware of my food choices and I am very conscious of what I'm putting in my body and how it will effect every aspect." 
-Caitlyn's Experience
"I feel more connected with myself, and I don't feel this great need to be in control of my diet every single time and obsess because that ultimately led to a binge!" 
It's Time For a REAL, Experience-Based, No-Nonsense Coaching Program . . . I Will Help You Focus On Emotional & Mental Coping Skills, Physiological Causes, and Accountability Techniques.
In Your 12-Week Course, We Will Focus on One Topic Each Week.

In this Pre-Recorded Video Session (which you can watch at ANY time in your schedule), I will discuss the topic, lead you through our Discovery Session and prompt you to take notes, explore your mind and emotions, and consider parallels you never considered before with your body and emotions.

Each Discovery Session runs 60-90 minutes.
Here are the topics we discuss that culminate in an entirely life-changing experience for you--LITERALLY you will re-program yourself into CHANGE.
Your Workbook Is Your Tool For Success
When you purchase the course, you wil have access to TWO weeks of workbook at a time. I do this strategically to help you focus on small, baby steps. Not the whole program at once. Print each Bi-weekly PDF off and put in a 3-ring binder to complete with each passing week.
Weekly Goals & Tracking Daily Activity
Weekly Nutrition Principles to Focus On (NO DIETS!)
Weekly Discovery Session: Video Coaching Session
Daily Dive to Reinforce Weekly Goals & Intentions
How Do You Know If You Need This Course?
You are consuming food alone when no one is looking then trying to replace it before anyone finds out.

You feel shame and guilt around your body for how you have eaten and the more you abuse food.

You are an extremely productive, efficient, controlled person externally, and you are terrified for anyone to find out how out of control you are in secret.

You find yourself eating when tired, lonely, sad, bored, or angry and you just can't stop yourself.
Hi, I'm Kristy Jo.
I am a Mind & Body Strategist and have helped thousands of people to change their relationship with food and their bodies since 2012. But before all that, I was a binge eater. I know how painful this secret is in your life. 


And now, it all makes sense. Through my suffering, I can now understand on such a different level the pain you are going through. IT SUCKS, HUH! To have no control, to feel worthless, to hate every part of yourself for this stupid way of coping with your problems and frustrations.
As a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Author, Podcaster, and Speaker, I live and breathe helping women like you change their lives every day. I know that you feel change is SO hard, that you have so many obstacles, and hope . . . gosh, sometimes it's hard to muster, right?

But here's what I think --  I think you actually DO have hope, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now. You heard about this program, or heard me talk somewhere and you are daring to even check it out for a minute.

THAT'S AMAZING and goes to show your proactivity already. See, that is honestly ALL that you'll need when it comes to not only doing this course, but SUCCEEDING at this course. Let me tell you briefly how it works:

Each week, we'll focus on a new topic. You'll log into your membership portal, watch the video I've recorded ( you're going to get to know me VERRRRRRY well through these videos as I coach you through this), and take notes on the workbook page for the week. (This will take about 1-1.5 hours per week--think of it as your therapy session!). 

Then, each morning you will complete your Daily Dive which should take about 5 minutes. This is the process that will help re-program your mind and habits -- you see, a shift in the subconscious mind (where 90% of all behavior comes from), only happens through a repetition of information.

Your brain is completely able to change . . . your body is completely able to change . . . YOU are completely wonderful and we can work together to optimize your life to get this difficult and embarrassing activity out of your life. But we have to work together as a team which means I need YOU to show up each week to complete the Discovery Dive Session.
Binge Bye Bye Is For You If You:
  • Feel hi-jacked by urges to eat large quantities of food.
  • Feel out of control and unable to stop when overeating.
  • Experience guilt, shame, and remorse following a binge.
  • Your overeating and binge eating holds you back from becoming the person you would like to be.
  • Keep your overeating private and others don't know what you are doing.
  • Have tried nutrition programs to help you get over this, but haven't yet been successful.
  • Want to learn the truth about re-programming your subconscious mind and are ready to play the long-game to recovery, not the short-game.
  • Are committed to opening your mind to LEARN and challenge your former mindsets and beliefs in a way you might never have before.
It's Time to take control of the life you've been given. 
You CAN create the new you!! 
Your past self has prepared the way for your new level of thinking and behaving. 
Girl, I believe in you. I totally do. You have what it takes.
Get 12 DELICIOUS Dessert Recipes To Satisfy Your Tastebuds and Help You MAKE BETTER CHOICES WHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING! :)
- 24/7 Access to Web App
- (12) Coaching Videos
- Reprogramming Workbook
- Body Balancing Recipes
- Body Balancing Vitamins
What Will Change in 12 Weeks?
  •   Awareness and Laser Focus on The Top Triggers That Pull You Into Emotional Eating Habits
  •   Understanding as to why your brain begs for you to binge, and how your brain is the answer for your recovery.
  •   Ability To Speak About Habits and Behaviors Openly That Formerly You Kept Private & Hidden
  •   Knowing that you are not flawed nor broken. You will know that this does not have to be a burden for you the rest of your life.
  •   A Toolbelt of At Least 5 Honed In Mindset Tools to Apply When Experiencing Trigger Situations.
  •   Confidence in How To Eat to Best Create Stable Blood Sugar Environment To Prevent Cravings.
  •   Using the book, The Power Foods Lifestyle, you will create your own personal plan for balancing your physiology and blood sugar as a habitual way of life.
  •   Increased Spirituality and Faith To Create Enhanced Purpose and Passion In Life Every Day.
  •   Hope That Long-Term Change Is Possible As You Continue Applying The Tools Every Day.
  •   Clarity In The Process of Reprogramming and in your ability to continue moving forward.
  •   Tighter Body, Reduced Fluffiness, and Greater Control Over Disciplined Efforts For Creating and Preparing Foods to Physiologically Balance Your Body.
  •   You will see your new future without the painful sting of binge eating.
  •   Your health will begin to change, noticeably in your overall energy, ability to sleep enough, and mood function through out the day.
If you like what you learn in Weeks 1-2, I'll send you Info on how to get Week 3-12 for a KILLER PRICE.
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